How to Uninstall Loopback adapter

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How to Uninstall Loopback adapter Empty How to Uninstall Loopback adapter

Post  Thomas on Sat May 14, 2011 7:59 pm

Hi, if you ever played a v88+ server, u have automatically installed loopback adapter. Loopback adapter blocks you from playing v87 and below servers. So here is how you uninstall the mean, cruel, loopback adapter. Step one. Right click on "computer." It should be in the start button. 2. click on properties. 3. a thing should pop up. on the left, there should be somthing called "device manager". 4. click on device manager and something else should pop up. 5. clcik on network adapters. 6. you should see loopback adapter. right click and uninstall. Then your done~! Very Happy

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