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GM app :)sean(: Empty GM app :)sean(:

Post  r3v3nge on Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:45 am




Time Zone:eastern

What you are working out to be:GM level 3

What would you do as that?:you know like help people out help the staff and the game if it has any problems Very Happy

What makes you stand out?:uhm probably im the only person to say uhm on the computer and maybe my sense of humor? idk really

How can you support the server?:i can support this server by keeping the peace and helping people if they get stuck or something

Why do you want to be a GM?:because ive always wanted to be one on maplestory and i thought this was a pretty good server so i decided to make an app on here Smile

Will you still stay at BeastStory/AlphaStory if you are denied?:maybe, maybe not depends if im in the right mood O.o im jst kidding i would always stay with this server its freakin awsome its not too crowded but its not too abandoned so if i get denied i can train all i want! :DD

And experience? If so, picture would help a lot:i used to be a GM in a runescape server i know the games themselves are a lot more different but im pretty sure if i learn the codes and get a little training with the codes and stuff then i will be better because i learn quick i think

Small Biography:i dont like to brag (really i dont) but ive been told that im really chill and cool and playful and overall pretty awsome but i can also be serious when i need to be ive also been told that im too friendly O.o

Picture of yourself(If you do not have this, Ethan will be depressed):me sorry (not really) but i dnt have a webcam or a cord to upload pictures with my phone :p


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GM app :)sean(: Empty Re: GM app :)sean(:

Post  Vanessa on Sat Jun 18, 2011 3:53 am

*Constructive criticism, don't take it to heart.
But, I feel as if you need to have more reasonable answers.
I know I believe in Quality over Quantity, but you've only
written one sentence answers, how are the owners/co-owners
going to see if your fit for the job, by one non-detailed answer?
Also, you may want to bold the question, or add colour to them
just so, it would look like you put effort into your GM app, and to
look more professional.
All in all, good-luck!
- Vanessa

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