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GMs DOs and DONTs Empty GMs DOs and DONTs

Post  Thomas on Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:45 pm

If you are a GM, here are the rules. If you break the rules, you will be banned or degraded and jailed for 1 hour depending on how you broke the rule.
1. Do NOT ban other people without reason, for fun, or just because. You can only ban them if they are hacking or glitching or they scammed.
2. Do NOT change any server related things... EX: server rates, Monster spawns, NPC spawns, etc (unless proven by me)
3. Do NOT do anything bad. (DUH)
4. Do NOT upgrade other people to GM
5. Do NOT jail people randomly. (Useless smega-15 min jail)
6. Do NOT give other people rares. Automatic degrade and jail for 1 hour!!!!!
7. Please try not to be level 255. It will be unfair for the rankings xD
1. DO help other people.
2. DO jail people that are useless smegaing, doing bad stuff, etc...
3. Do ban hackerz. (BAN IF YOU KNOW 100% SURE THEY ARE HACKING)
4. Do anything in your authority EXCEPT for server changes.
5. Have Fun~

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